Construction Business Development Services

We Plan your success . . .


Construction Business Development Services Est. (CONBDS) was established in Jordan in 2010 with over 10 years of prior experience with extensive expertise based on legality, business development, marketing consultation, technical engineering, Procurement and logistic support.

Our Team

CONBDS is forced with a passionate technical engineers and business experts with professional certified experience to strategically manage and develop local and foreign companies in the market of Middle East. 


Our services were designed to cover all sectors of major construction fields including but not limited to civil construction, power plants, Infrastructures, Marine construction, Railways, Pipelines, Tunneling, Roads& Bridges.


Our Aim is to provide high quality services with innovative solutions targeting sustainable growth.


CONBDS served clients from different construction industry groups such as contractors, designers, developers,  suppliers, and manufacturers.

Our Values

Major Values that client gain through our services starts with networking, legal & governmental support, imaging, information intelligence, and feasible winning strategies.